Acute Optic Neuritis Treatment Update Day

Are you a researcher, clinician, health care professional, or generally interested in the topic of neuroimmunological diseases?

The Acute Optic Neuritis Network is pleased to invite you to the Acute Optic Neuritis Treatment Update Day on May 5th 2023 in Tel Aviv, Israel. This will be a hybrid event. You can find more details here.

ACON is an international consortium, focused on studying diagnosis and treatment of subjects with a first-ever optic neuritis. The broad enrollment of patients of all ethnicities and from all continents ensures an excellent representation of the heterogeneity of this condition. Many of the enrolled patients will then be diagnosed with NMOSD, MOGAD or MS and are eligible for preventive immunotherapy.

The ACON offers an expert Treatment Day giving an overview of acute and long-term treatment Options in neuroimmunological diseases.

Debates, Talks, & Panel Discussions

  • Acute optic neuritis treatment
  • Long-term MOGAD and NMOSD treatment
  • Open discussion

Please find attached the program and register here.

Please share this invitation to anyone you think could be interested. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email and

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